Beer & Beverage

The packaging of a beer can or bottle is a key element in establishing a strong brand presence within a crowded category. The pairing of beer packaging with eye-catching labels can dramatically improve shelf impact and increase market share. We offer a wide variety of solutions specifically designed for beverage-label printing that help enhance your brand image and capture consumer attention. Our beer labels are also designed to handle the beverage industry challenges such as peeling, edge lifting, wrinkling, and slipping, along with the risks posed by temperature changes during shipping, storage and consumption.


Wine & Spirits

Labels for alcohol products face a huge challenge — they need to stand out from myriad other bottles on the shelf and tell a brand story at the same time. Our solutions for wine and spirits bottle labels offers a range of traditional, contemporary and specialty papers and films. Whether you need textured, natural wine label paper that evokes an earth-friendly approach or sleek, metallized labels that speak to style-minded consumers, our products are designed to handle function as well as form. We are well-versed in dealing with the unique challenges presented by this category. For instance, wine labels can’t slip off of wet bottles - printed labels must stay intact after a bath in an ice bucket. Altro offers an extensive portfolio of labels that can withstand temperature changes during shipping, storage and consumption to ensure that your labels never compromise your brand.



The legal demands of food product labels can be a challenge. From correct food labeling, to chilled and frozen food labeling, we can help you check every box. Then of course, there’s the whole art of shelf appeal. With more than 75% of all purchase decisions made at the store shelf, innovative food packaging solutions are an essential element of product differentiation. We combine a unique portfolio of decorative solutions for food packaging labels with innovative solutions such as UHF RFID inlays that enable you to stand out on the shelf and reduce waste all with one solution. Our technology is both Swiss Ordinance and EuPIA compliant for non-food contact food packaging materials.


Home & Personal Care

Home and personal care markets are constantly expanding with the introduction of new products and categories, creating a need to make an impression on the shelf. We offer a range of traditional, contemporary and specialty papers and films, and our smart label solutions offer captivating ways to take the conversation deeper once you've caught a consumer's eye. Our products handle both function and form, working with an extensive range of formats that fit the requirements of the health and personal care segment — including cartons and containers, bottles, pouches, wipes, aerosols and more.


Beauty, Fragrance & Cosmetics

When it comes to beauty, fragrance and cosmetics, labels need to be extremely eye-catching. Branding is everything in a market where products have to stand out through the supply chain, in the store, and, finally, in the customer’s home. With more than 75% of all purchase decisions made at the store shelf, innovative packaging is essential to product differentiation. We combine a unique portfolio of decorative solutions for beauty, fragrance and cosmetics packaging labels with innovative solutions such as UHF, HF and NFC RFID inlays to enable you to pop off the shelf and grab your customer’s eyeballs.

health care

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

If you’re looking for labels for syringes and other pharmaceutical or nutraceutical applications, we have it all including sterilization-friendly and heat, steam and chemical-resistant options—all meeting compliance requirements. All of our solutions are specifically designed to help pharmaceutical companies counter product tampering and counterfeiting. Suited for use in a variety of applications, our security portfolio features security threads, holograms and other off-the-shelf solutions. For a more advanced level of protection, label designers can also incorporate unique components and customized security features to help identify and track products.


Consumer Durables

Labels are for life when it comes to durable goods. Labels have many uses, including enabling shippers to get products to the right place, helping manufacturers track products, and even helping consumers use and maintain their cars, power tools and appliances. And, through delivering directions and critical warnings, labels keep people safe. We understand the real-world conditions in which labels must perform, and the technical challenges they have to meet, so we combine the latest technologies with deep knowledge of both regulatory and legal requirements to develop labels that serve their purpose and stands the test of time.


Intelligent Labels

There may come a time when you need a label inlaid with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. These Intelligent labels or “smart labels” are in growing demand, whether on the food we eat, our cars, or medicine. We provide RFID solutions to help improve inventory management and loss prevention across the value chain. Businesses in multiple industries use intelligent label solutions, including UHF, HF and NFC, to boost efficiency, enhance visibility, and increase margins, while providing customers with greater convenience, reliability, and safety.