Don't be afraid to glow.

Twin Sails Brewing prints limited edition Halloween run of DAT JUICE with glow in the dark labels to upgrade their award-winning 100% Citra Pale Ale.

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada – (October 29th, 2021)

To celebrate Halloween 2021, Twin Sails Brewing of Port Moody launched their beloved Dat Juice with playful glow in the dark labels, featuring ghosts in photo-luminescent ink. And who'd they trust to get it right? Altro Labels & Packaging.

As the Ghostbusters would say, "Who ya gonna call, call Altro!" 👻

In British Columbia, Dat Juice is well known for its label. Because the project needed careful attention, both teams worked cross-functionally to deliver at each touch point. Collaborating with their design and sales was a juicy process - from brand and art, to manufacturing and performance - we all had a blast.

And for you craft beer connoisseurs, Dat Juice is an unfiltered pale ale brewed with large amounts of flaked and malted wheat, then heavily dry hopped with 100% Citra hops. It pours a cloudy pale straw colour with bright aromatics of grapefruit, pineapple and mango. It receives a score from Beer Advocate of 88 (very good).

What's needed with good beer? Good label design. Let's talk about the process.

Before and after glow in the dark DAT Juice Halloween limited edition

The challenge.

Twin Sails wanted their halloween label to be creative and seasonal while honouring the original. Most importantly in the brief, they wanted to get that VERY dramatic glow.  

But glow in the dark, or "Photo-Luminescent Ink" is most effective when surrounded by light colors, as it has very minimal to no reflection nearing darker palletes. The glow elements must not be too obvious in normal light.

Below is the first rendition and one that looks great in theory, but would not have that dramatic glow effect.

First rendition

The approach.

The goasts and background needed to be variants with minimal contrast, as to draw only some attention in a normal light environment.

We created 2 colour pallettes to give them an idea of how the artwork needed to be and the pumpkin theme won. Obviously.

The resulting print was hybrid digital, using flexo plates for the ghosts via Cyngient UV glow in the dark ink. The rest was digital on white bopp with matte UV varnish.

The results.

A friendly reminder about the end results, to get dramatic glow on the can, it has to be charged under light. The longer the charge, the brighter the glow!

For the original photo, Twin Sails placed the can under direct light for one hour and took it in complete darkness to achieve that dramatic glow!

Glow in the dark labels before and after

Fun facts: breweries per capita, British Columbia and Ontario vs Port Moody.

Curious about how the brewery to people ratio works in Port Moody vs the province and country? Here's a look.

British Columbia: 1 brewery for every 29,842 people.
Ontario: 1 brewery for every 54,275 people

British Columbia: Breweries, 191. Population, 5.7 mil.
Ontario: Breweries, 269. Population, 14.6 mil.

Port Moody: 1 brewery for every 550 people.

Port Moody: Breweries, 6. Population 33,161.

"Number of licensed breweries in Canada as of December 2020, by region", according to Statista, consumer goods & FMCG, alcoholic beverages.

Come see why BC loves this beer and visit the breweries in Port Moody.

Twin Sails Brewing

Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

Parkside Brewing

Moody Ales

The Bakery

Mariner Brewing

Glow in the dark flexo plate used on the Dat Juice ghosts
Glow in the dark flexo plate used on the ghosts
Dat Juice Halloween limited edition run in the day light
Dat Juice Halloween limited edition run in the day light
Dat Juice Halloween limited edition run in the dark after being charged 1 hour
Dat Juice Halloween limited edition run in the dark after being charged 1 hour
Dat Juice Label sitting around the office
Dat Juice Label sitting around the office
Dat Juice glow in the dark label details
Dat Juice glow in the dark label details

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