How will your packages stay safe and stand out this holiday season?

Custom Packing Tape.

It's critical to earn customer trust. But it's equally important to make an impression. The amount of products being delivered this year is greater than ever due to COVID-19, so in order to compete, you need stronger connections with your audience.

Tamper proof packages and on-brand messaging is a great way to do that.

Consumers want to know their delivery is safe, but also want the experience of unboxing something special!

Bonus. Kraft tape is fully recyclable. More on that below.

Fun fact. You'll ship 135 medium sized boxes with one roll of our 450 kraft gum tape. That's roughly 12 cents per box. Very economical.

kraft gum packaging tape with branded logo for shipping on a couch
Photo Credit: S A L T Y F A C E

Plus. The logical benefit of custom tape is it provides financial incentive. Tape is a low cost, high ROI tactic known to build trust, ensure product security, and impress your customers with memorable unboxing experiences. It makes connections.

In a nutshell, why should I use custom packing tape?

It's an easy way to brand your shipments but also improve deliverability and consumer education. Let's call it the 4 reasons to use custom packing tape.

Brand. Safety. Tracking. Informative.

Branded boxes are just more fun, aren't they?

First impressions matter. So does presentation. Your visual identity is the reason customers keep choosing your product once they know the goods are on point.

With competition increasing every day, it's essential to do what you can to stand out.

Safety counts and custom tape is just that, safe?

Clear packing tape is everywhere. What's to say your valuable shipments can't be opened and resealed with standard tape. Whether or not anything mischievous happens, peace of mind is worth a minimal investment, especially when it provides other benefits.

Tracking and batch numbers, what are those?

Product origin. Supplier references. Limited edition runs. The simplest bit of information on your custom tape helps educate and improve customer experience.

Informative, am I reading a book?

No. Of course not. What we mean is that sometimes items are fragile, need to be frozen, or need to stay one side up. Having informative writing on your tape is a measure to protect the fragile contents of your package.

How many types of custom tape are there?


Kraft Tape. Poly Tape.

Kraft gum tape is reinforced with fiberglass, the strongest, and provides awesome printable surfaces to get well defined, colourful graphics. It's also a very eco-friendly solution. Your whole box can now be recycled.

custom kraft tape water activated altro labels photoshoot
Kraft Tape, Photo Credit: Altro Labels

How do you stick it on? Kraft is either water-activated or pressure sensitive adhesive. Water-activated means you dab it with a damp sponge and the bottom reacts to create glue. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is your "standard" glue.

Kraft tape is more suited to consumer packaged goods but also serves purpose in business to business elements.

Did you know? The word kraft comes from the German language and means strong. Kraft tape is made from wood pulp - hence the eco-friendly recycling.

Poly tape. Or polyethylene tape. This is more similar to what most think of as box-sealing tape. But with custom you can make it look more appealing, provide instructions, and ensure safe travels.

Custom poly tape branded for shipping, packing, and warehousing.
Poly Tape, Photo Credit: Altro Labels

Made from BOPP film backing with either hot melt or acryllic adhesive, they dispense quickly from tape guns while instantly sticking to any surface.

Poly tape is used more with industrial/manufacturing because quick application matters.

So how do you print custom tape?

We're lucky to have an incredible machine that works the magic.

Our European 4 color flexographic printing press is a compact machine that needs only one operator to run. This keeps production time short and we pass that savings to you. The printing speed is 120 m/min and the max printing width is 320 mm. There's an auto turret that increases the operation speeds and we gotta say - its one of the most fascinating things to watch.

The question is, what custom printed tape best matches your brand and product?

We're here to help you.

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