Your branding may be eye-catching, your social media shinny, and your packaging attractive. Well done! Still, you may be missing out on more opportunities to create memorable moments and stand out in your customers' minds.

So if you're not using blank labels yet, now's the time to see how they can boost your branding efforts!

But first, What are Blank Labels?

Altro Labels - Blank Sheet Labels and Inkjet Roll Labels
Blank Sheet Labels and Inkjet Roll Labels by Altro Labels

Blank Labels are any label that comes as plain and unprinted in sheets or rolls. And are mainly used to display essential and concise information for mailing, shipping, and inventory. You can print on them pertinent information to meet the needs of your business.

Labels have been around long before computers were even introduced in manufacturing processes - but it's only recently that businesses are reimagining how to use them to interact with the consumer.

Blank labels can be perfect for any business size. You can create branding on a budget or go the extra mile by adding final touches to your seasonal products, special batches, event samples and promotions. With blank labels, you are the driver. You can print your designs as many times as you want, at any time.

But how can you use them? Ok, here are:

3 Powerful ways to use blank labels for branding purposes.

There are many ways to use blank labels for branding purposes. Today we talk about three ways that make them such an effective tool.

The Basic: Print your logo. Make sure to let your customer remember who you are. It's a service to them to know who's behind the decision they just made and the experience they received. And it leaves the door open for them to come back and spread the word around. If you are already doing this, thumbs up!

Add Custom Details to your boxes, bags and containers with unique visuals and messages that create additional value. A smiley face, a unique visual effect, or a simple "thank you for choosing us" goes a long way! We know you put all the care and dedication into your business. Now, let your consumers know about it.

Personalize the experience. If you are catering to multiple demographics and know who your buyer is, or you are a creative supernova and came up with great ways to make each purchase feel unique, then add some personalization to your packaging that resonates with your customer.

Are you wondering where to start? Let's see!

First, get your labels. You can browse and purchase them from most office supply stores or purchase ours online.

It doesn't matter if you use an inkjet printer, laser printer, or even a TT/DT Thermal Printers. We offer templates that allow you to easily convert documents into PDF files to be printed directly onto sheets, inkjet rolls and DT/TT film or paper roll labels.

Second, Find the size and shape you need and whether you want to print in sheets or rolls. Browse your options here:

Blank Sheet Labels
Inkjet Roll Labels

(You can also explore our DT Rolls or TT Rolls ideal for any shipping, retail, and warehousing needs you may have. Everything in one place).

Finally, once you have decided which labels you will use and created your designs accordingly, print&paste your new shiny labels and wallah! Branding boosted!

Example of a simple but effective use of labels for food delivery services

Let's keep in mind that we are transitioning to a digital-first world, and your packaging is more important than ever, and any additional spice we can add counts.

Now you know! Blank Labels let you improve your branding and build long-lasting connections with your customers.

Oh, but wait, you feel like you don't have the time or simply don't want to sweat it? That's ok. We can always help you get the best results with our cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. Just give us a call or tell us about your project.

Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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