Innovation is the lifeblood of any company. It's not enough to keep doing what you've always done - your business needs new ideas, fresh approaches and outside-the-box thinking if it wants to continue thriving in today's competitive environment!

That also means custom label jobs are becoming more diverse and increasingly complex to predict. Meanwhile, creators and designers keep pushing the limits of what's possible to take us into the incredible, mysterious and yet familiar unknown.

When it comes down to product labels and packaging, new printing techniques, technology, materials and a broader colour gamut are the key to fueling this innovation.

Now, insert HP Indigo Digital presses into the picture. With their signature advantages, these digital presses are already redefining how custom printing works with unmatched versatility, the richest ink portfolio, and the industry's most advanced colour-matching toolkit. With HP Indigo, the sky is just the beginning!

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Over the last while, our team has been busy learning and training. Now, the time has come. An HP Indigo Digital Press, the FIRST of its kind in Western Canada, is in our hands. Our team is more prepared than ever to help you reach new levels of recognition.

You can now unlock your creativity and achieve stand-out results with HP Indigo Electroinks. Innovate beyond CMYK with amazing versatility and precision. Apply vibrant fluorescent or metallics colours at a fraction of the regular cost.

With our HP Indigo Digital Press as an addition to our service formula, we opened more possibilities to help you innovate and secure your business's long-term success.

The HP Indigo Digital Press Advantage.

Versatility. With HP Indigo Digital Presses, we can print your custom labels on a wide variety of materials, including foil, paper, and film, with the highest precision.

Print on demand, at a fraction of the cost. Because HP Indigo uses digital inks, no plates or films are required. So we can help you create short runs of custom labels as soon as the digital proof is approved without the usual tooling costs.

HP ElectroInks. HP Indigo Digital Presses have the widest range of specialty inks, including HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver, fluorescent, and a comprehensive white ink portfolio. These are the only digital presses worldwide that can print with true metallic colours.

But wait, how can Fluorescent and Silver ElectroInks, help my designs stand out? Keep reading below!

Push the boundaries of the colour gamut with HP Fluorescent ElectroInks.

HP Indigo Fluorescent ElectroInks can help you elevate the personality of your products with eye-catching, radiant colours. Create excitement and brighten up your custom labels like never before.

Whether your print a section of your label or just a few elements, your designs will look vibrant and alive. Make a statement with your branding with the help of HP Fluorescent ElectroInks.

Achieve incredibly stunning metallics with HP Silver ElectroInks.

HP Indigo Silver ElectroInk is the best alternative to add metallic elements to your custom labels without breaking the bank. Not only can we print silver but a wide range of metallic colours by simply printing CMYK on top of the silver layer.

Create the high-value custom labels you always wanted while we save you from costly metallic substrates. The design possibilities are endless.

It's time to give your labels a whole new level of style with HP Silver ElectroInk.

Do you have to see it to believe it? Submit your artwork and we will send you some samples.

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