Do Good for the community.

That's the goal of Penticton Beer Week 2021. Benefiting the Ooknakane Friendship Centre, this release is made possible through breweries and sponsors committed to humanity.

Penticton, BC, Canada – (October 15th - 23rd, 2021)

To celebrate Penticton Beer Week, all eight craft breweries in town came together for one special collab beer, Do Good. That's a great thing in and of itself.

Brewed by the community for the community, Do Good is a honey sour that's slightly tart and sweet, the perfect beer to celebrate what makes Penticton special.

But what's better than good beer? Good deeds.

Proceeds will support The Ooknakane Friendship Centre, an aboriginal not-for-profit committed to providing holistic, culturally-driven programs to strengthen people of all nations. Services like this are integral and deserve our attention.

Altro Labels was one of six sponsors for the week and provided label services.

Enjoy some before and after shots of the labels.

Lonely Planet named Penticton, Canada's Craft Beer Capital. Here's the full list of breweries.

Abandoned Rail Brewing Company (opening soon)

Bad Tattoo Brewing

Barley Mill Brew Pub

Cannery Brewing

Highway 97 Brewing (new location opening soon)

Neighbourhood Brewing

Slackwater Brewing

Tin Whistle Brewing Company


Did you know? Penticton has 1 brewery for every 4000 people. That's why definitive travel guide Lonely Planet named Penticton Canada's craft beer capital in 2020. But not just because of brewery to people ratio, they respect the beer.

People in Canada know that British Columbia has its fair share of great beer, but what they might not know is that Penticton has been doing craft beer before craft beer was a thing.

"The cool thing about Penticton is that we had a beer industry before it was cool. We weren’t even calling it ‘craft,’” says Kim Lawton, marketing director for Cannery Brewing and coordinator of the Penticton Ale Trail, an offshoot of the larger BC Ale Trail.

Still curious about that brewery to people ratio? Here's some perspective on how British Columbia and Ontario compared.

Breweries per capita, British Columbia and Ontario.

British Columbia: 1 brewery for every 29,842 people.
Ontario: 1 brewery for every 54,275 people

British Columbia: Breweries, 191. Population, 5.7 mil.
Ontario: Breweries, 269. Population, 14.6 mil.

"Number of licensed breweries in Canada as of December 2020, by region", according to Statista, consumer goods & FMCG, alcoholic beverages.

Penticton Beer Week Events.

October 15 - Happy Hour at Tin Whistle Brewing

October 15 - Fall Menu Launch & Music Bingo at Slackwater Brewing

October 15 - Freshie Fresh Fresh Release at Neighbourhood Brewing

October 16 - Penticton Beer Run  

October 16 - Joe Veltri Live at Slackwater Brewing

October 17 - Return to Ale-Catraz at Cannery Brewing

October 19 - Trivia – Craft Beer Edition at Slackwater Brewing

October 21 - Work Boots, Beer & BACON at Barley Mill Brew Pub

October 21 - Fancylike Wine Beer Releases at Neighbourhood Brewing

October 22 - Music Bingo at Slackwater Brewing

October 23 - Will Schlackl Live at Slackwater Brewing

October 23 - Oktoberfest at The Barking Parrot Bar

Penticton Beer Week label as designed by Jeff Boyes, Neighbourhood Brewing.
Penticton Beer Week label as designed by Jeff Boyes, Neighbourhood Brewing.
Having a Do Good Golden Sour beer on the beach in Penticton, British Columbia.
Having a Do Good Golden Sour beer on the beach in Penticton, British Columbia.
Label Roll for Dageraad's ANTWERPEN
Label Roll for Dageraad's ANTWERPEN
Do Good Golden Sour viewed from all sides.
Do Good Golden Sour viewed from all sides.
Photo of Penticton Beer Week 2021 sign
The best time is craft beer time.
Penticton Beer Week 2021 breweries and sponsors.
Thanks again to all the breweries and sponsors.

CLICK HERE for a list of locations where you can buy the Do Good Golden Sour.

CLICK HERE to find out more about some amazing offers and package deals available during Penticton Beer Week and BC Craft Beer Month.

For more details on Penticton Beer Week and to learn more about this great brewing city, visit their page.

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