Warm your heart.

“The world needs hot sauce to warm our hearts, to mend our sorrows and make our food taste better” - Seamus Dixon, founder of SAUS.

Turn up the heat.

Hot sauce is one of the best things on the planet.

Is there such a thing as too hot? No way.

Whatever level of heat being scorching up - we never break a sweat.

Fast production, lowest prices. Any size, shape, material or volume. Let’s talk label.

Be a sauce boss today.

Whether experimenting at home, looking to impress new vendors, or buying in bulk for your large brand - be a sauce boss with labels that accentuate your flavors.

With millions of labels printed for hot sauce artisans in North America, helping you is our only concern.

From material to sizing to artwork and the use of custom embellishments - our passionate hot sauce connoisseurs are up-to-date with all the latest trends.

Clean ingredients, clean labels.

Make it a premium habit.

Whatever your spice, sauce is life.

Premium ingredient clean sauces available in four blends.

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Let's Talk Label.

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