What's brewing on this custom label special episode? Something both delicious and good for you!

Authentic and sustainable, straight from our North Shore: Meet Tality Kombucha!

Focusing on brewing only the best. Tality Kombucha uses the freshest ingredients and no artificial additives, so you can be confident that every one of their bottles is authentic, and the taste is vibrantly alive.

Their delicious taste profiles are only matched by their strong commitment to respecting and protecting the planet. Plus, they're all about working together with our local community.

Keep reading below; we’ll explore more about Tality Kombucha and reveal their custom label sustainability X factor.

Tality Kombucha Rasberry Sage Custom label
Tality Kombucha Raspberry Sage

Kombucha that is delicious and good for you and the planet? - what more could we ask for? I know! Some superior Eco-friendly Custom Labels!

As Canada’s first B-Corp Kombucha and a 1% For The Planet member, Tality Kombucha is committed to being environmentally friendly by taking eco-friendly measures such as recycling, reusing packaging materials, and minimizing waste.

They also source their goods from suppliers who promote sustainable practices across all industries. And for their labels, they found an excellent sustainable solution with us at Altro Labels.

Tality Kombucha eco-friendly stone paper custom label designs - Altro Labels
Labels designs credit: Tality Kombucha

Introducing: Stone Paper Custom Labels

Stone paper is made from calcium carbonate bonded with a high-density polyethylene resin. It’s a sustainable alternative to the traditional pulp-based paper, as it does not use trees, water, chlorine, acids or petroleum in its manufacturing.

These water-resistant labels do not tarnish or degrade over time and are less likely to tear or fade than traditional paper labels. They are also durable in the face of heat (up to 65° C) and moisture, making them ideal for products that will be exposed to the elements.

In addition, stone paper labels can be printed using various methods, including offset, digital and UV, offering a high level of customization.

Tality Kombucha’s sleek and modern labels have a nice matte finish which can usually only be accomplished through laminating, but to remain eco-friendly, we were able to achieve the same result with a matte varnish.

Stone Paper labels could be the perfect sustainable solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us to learn more.

Tality Kombucha stone paper label - Altro Labels
Tality Kombucha Blackberry Lavender

Get ready for healthy living on a healthy planet with Tality Kombucha!

They are an incredible partner, and we’re grateful for their trust. Their commitment towards sustainability is deeply inspiring and makes our own efforts more worthwhile!

These Stone paper labels are just an example of how Tality Kombucha’s team is constantly innovating. They even have a new hot-cold cycling SPA with unlimited tea and kombucha.

Check their website today; you can shop online or book a SPA session, subscribe to their booch program and more.

We are excited for the next episode of this series. In the meantime, cheers to gut health and sustainable labels!

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