They say that beautiful hair is healthy hair. Well, guess who's here to help? Nala Beauté: cruelty-free, plant-based beauty products that are both gentle and effective.

NALA Beauté's passion for beauty and science fueled the concoction of a collection of organic beauty products that are amazingly safe to use—explicitly created for you to be confident using them on yourself and your family.

Brace yourselves as we tackle this week's featured partner.

Nala Beauté and its super cool custom labels will be the focus of our exploration, keep reading below!

Let your hair stay strong and shine as bright as our Metallic Bopp Labels do.

Metallic Bopp film is a popular choice for cosmetics & care packaging, thanks to its elegant appearance and superior barrier properties. The film is characterized by its shiny metallic surface that can give any element in your custom labels a unique metallic effect.

But wait! We know about the material now, but how are these metallic Bopp labels printed?

Well, the printing process is both an art and a science. But simply put, it starts by creating and setting up the design digitally. Next, we print on the film using our digital printing technology that gives the perfect definition and sharpness to both simple and complex designs.

For Nala's labels, the design has what we call a "white layer with a knockout." It is a double dose of white ink that goes everywhere except in the area that needs to be metallic - in this case, the icon in the center of the label.

Nala Beauté label printed in Metallic Bopp Film - Altro Labels
Label design credit: Nala Beauté

On top of that, we printed with a Pantone blue to bring in some colour and provide contrast, giving their products an appealing and distinct look that matches their brand identity.

And finally, for the last stroke, we die-cut the label to the specified shape and size.

The result is a beautiful custom-printed label with a professional, high-end look and feel.

With our printing technology, the sky is the limit. Whether you're looking for a classic look or something more modern, we can help you create stunning labels for your products. So get creative, tell us about your project, and let your labels stand out from the rest!

Nala Beauté hair products label designs printed in Metallic Bopp Labels - Altro Label
Photo credit: Nala Beauté

Now we know! and when it comes to organic hair essentials. We can't keep our hands off these! And their good-looking Metallic Bopp labels.

If you are looking for a new hair care routine or want to try something different, NALA beauté has something for everyone. We are confident in their products and know that you and your family will love them too.

Visit here for a free online hair diagnosis to get you started on your journey toward brighter and healthier hair!

Looking forward to the next episode of this series? You aren't alone! Stay tuned!

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