Everybody believes in the importance of going to great lengths to follow their passion. But only a few take it to the next level. Meet, wait, not this time! These guys need no introduction. Their coffee beans and different flavours are from around the world, but their dedication and rigorous quality standards are from another planet!

We are talking about no other than Bean Around the World!

The founders: Pete Boëda and Barney McKenzie, have seen it all. They have followed their passion for over 25 years, travelling extensively and meticulously selecting beans from the best in the world. Their goal? To bring to you not only the best beans and a great-tasting cup of coffee but the whole experience of being present.

If you visit our friends in the North Shore, you can find them hand-roasting their beans by sight, sound and smell in traditional coffee roasters looking to achieve those flavours we all love!

With Bean Around the World’s broad selection of excellent coffee beans, you can match your coffee taste easily.

Sometimes the same cannot be said about colour-matching your labels.
Custom label design credit: Bean Around the World

The art of Colour-matching - what goes on behind the scenes?

When it comes to custom label printing there's a complex process behind getting an exact colour. In addition, some shades are more challenging to print than others, so colour matching becomes a necessary part of the printing process.

Colour-matched custom labels for Bean Around the World.

But how complex can it be? Oh, be careful! We can get very technical with this question, but a shorter version may look something like this:

Colour matching is more than just choosing and printing the right colours. Creating your labels is a process that combines different materials and technologies to achieve the results you want. And for:

Materials: Even if you have the same Ink colour, it doesn’t mean that it will look the same in different materials. For example, a blue tone in White Bopp might look very different when printed on Glossy paper. To work around this, we give each material a colour profile and strategy depending on what printing press we want to use.

Technologies: Printing has many moving parts, and each interprets and replicates colour differently using various modelling tools.

For example, your display may use an RGB colour system that mixes red, green and blue to create a particular colour. On the other hand, regular printers use a CMYK system (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) where the inks absorb part of the light spectrum in a way that helps produce different tones.

But, if we go a little bit deeper and want to take our colour gamut above and beyond, we’ll be talking about CMYKOV (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Orange and Violet). With this set of colours, we can reproduce vivid and vibrant images with more detail and brilliance than ever before.

And if that wasn’t enough, we can also work with a 7-colour set: CMYKOVG (same as before, with the additional G for Green).

But you know what? Why not leave this to us? When it comes to colour matching and printing any colour you can imagine, we have the latest technology and a team of experts to help you achieve your desired results!

Just Submit your Artwork, and let’s go!

Photo Credit: Bean Around the World

Colour matching is a complex process. And we can only imagine what selecting and roasting the best coffee beans entails.

Extensive knowledge and experience are key to bringing you the best aromas, taste and freshness. Something the guys at Bean Around the World completely get!

If you are a coffee lover or just getting started, don’t waste more time and start exploring the options Bean Around the Worlds has for you. You can choose from over 25 varieties of beans from the top 3% of the world. (Yep, top 3%)

Take their online quiz to find your best match. It only takes a few seconds! And try their subscription-based deliveries, so you never run out of fresh beans again.

Thanks to our friends at Bean Around the World for their trust, we have a lot of fun printing their custom labels, and we hope to continue growing together.

Remember to stay tuned for the next featured label!

Until then!

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