It finally happened! What a great week for Altro Labels. We had the pleasure of participating in two major events: the first time in the BC Food and Beverage and the second time in the BC Beer Awards. We are excited to share some of the highlights and our clients' wins.

This past year was full of anticipation and excitement. For the last two years, both of the Awards were postponed due to Covid. But as things get back to normal, the organizations were able to launch these two events at the highest level.

BC Food and Beverage Awards

Vancouver, BC, Canada (November 3, 2022)

It has been two years since the last in-person BC Food and Beverage Awards. Typically, it is the biggest week of the year for the food & beverage industry in Beautiful British Columbia.

Different companies from across BC come together in Vancouver, to share their success, and network with different brands with a significant influence in the food & beverage industry.

BC Food and Beverages event is one of our favorite times of the year because we enjoy seeing how innovation improves the industry, and there is no doubt that even more, great things will come. It is a great opportunity to see what the trends are and to see opportunities for our company to adjust according to the other companies' needs, so we can provide the best service we can.

There were so many deserving nominees this year for all the Awards, and in our first year with online voting, our finalists received 17,000 votes to select this year’s winners”, says BC Food & Beverage CEO James Donaldson. “Each of the finalists and winners exemplify passion and leadership in driving success for themselves and the businesses they work for.  They were really reflective of the diversity we have in our industries community as well and they all are deserving of this great recognition.”

From sparkling pear soda to soy-free tofu, British Columbia has some of the most innovative foods and beverage products, as well as brilliant industry leaders and brand owners who are leading these companies with great integrity and diligence.

Congratulations to our label partners on three medals in 10 categories at the 2022 BC Food and Beverages Awards.

Innovation Award - Big Mountain Foods

Export Award - Dan-D Foods LTD.

Gold Product of The Year - Big Mountain Foods

For the full list of BC Food and Beverage Awards Winners 2022 visit their page.

BC Beer Award

Vancouver, BC, Canada (November 5, 2022)

The annual BC Beer Awards finally returned to its normal schedule and was held in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, following two years of pandemic-related schedule changes.  It was a great time celebrating and promoting the best in the brewing industry in British Columbia.

Altro Labels was honored to be one of the sponsors of the event, and it is hard not to overstate the importance of such celebrations to the beer industry in BC. With 990 entries, it was one of the most competitive events to date.

It took a lot of effort and time for brewing companies to design recipes and turn them into great products that can be presented at this event.

Breweries sent more than 5,000 brews representing over 30 styles of beer to be judged, establishing the best examples of each style in British Columbia. It was a great opportunity to show why Canada is one of the best brewing nations in the world.

Congratulations to all the winners and especially to our label partners on 15 Awards in 40 categories at the 2022 BC Beer Awards.

BREWERY OF THE YEAR - Gladstone Brewing Co.

INTERNATIONAL LAGER - 1. Czech Pilsner - Wildeye Brewing

PALE BITTER GERMAN LAGER -  2. Shaketown Leitchtbier - Shaketown Brewing Co

DARK LAGER - 3. 33 Acres of Darkness - 33 Acres Brewing Co

1 . Gladstone Czech Dark Lager - Gladstone Brewing Company

MALTY UK & IRISH ALE - 1. Gladstone Porter - Gladstone Brewing Co

SPECIALTY FRUIT BEER - 2. Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Rose Sour - La Cerveceria Astilleros

SMOKE & WOOD-AGED BEER - 1. 7109 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Brewhall Beer Co

NORTH AMERICAN LIGHT LAGER - 3. Shaketown Pre-Prohibition Pilsner - Shaketown Brewing Co.

1. North Point Lite Lager - North Point Brewing Co.

NORTH AMERICAN LIGHT ALE - 2. Gladstone Cream Ale - Gladstone Brewing Company

NORTH AMERICAN AMBER & BROWN ALE - 1. Gladstone Red Ale - Gladstone Brewing Company

NORTH AMERICAN IPA - 2. Ruff Westcoast IPA - Yellow Dog Brewing

HAZY IPA - 1. Gladstone NEIPA - Gladstone Brewing Company

STRONG BELGIAN ALE - 1. 33 Acres of Euphoria - 33 Acres Brewing Co

For the full list of BC Beer Awards Winners 2021 visit their page.

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